Long Range Rifle Fire

A collection of articles on historical topics providing hitherto difficult to find contemporary texts and newly written pieces for the student of long range shooting.


  • Hints for Long Range Riflemen - Horatio Ross letter of 11 April 1864 giving hints "intended more for young men who have not as yet taken part in public competitions than for our old and experienced riflemen."
  • Wind - from 'First Hints On Rifle Shooting' by A.P. Humphry (William Clowes and Sons, London, 1876). Alfred Paget Humphry (1850-1916) was the Queen's Prize Gold Medal winner in 1871 and represented Great Britain in the GB Rifle Volunteers vs US National Guard competitions of 1882 & 1883.
  • The Back Position - An overview of the back (or supine) position illustrated with 19th century images and photographs of modern riflemen.

Long Range Target Rifles

Long range target rifles are scarce and highly prized collectors items today. While some saw limited use as sharpshooters arms (notably in the American Civil War) the rifles featured here in these general discussions were more often encountered on the rifle range. Further information can also be found at: Gunmakers.


Projectiles, history of the cartridge from paper tube to solid-drawn case. Contemporary information on loading.


Accessories associated with rifles and rifle shooting. Military, sporting and target rifles.

Long Range Muzzle Loading

Long range target shooting with the muzzle loading rifle offers the discerning rifleman opportunity to participate in a challenging and ultimately very rewarding discipline. The sport is rich in heritage and the origins of many of todays national shooting associations stem from the muzzle loading era.